Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hey Bloggers!

Jean McCracken, author and managing owner of a leading Nashville child care center for over 25 years, has a NEW MAIN WEB SITE for interacting with you as you undertake your provider search process.

Her new book will be for sale in April 2007:

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Monday, November 20, 2006

welcome AZ Star readers :)

For those outside of Arizona, here is this morning's article...

And here's another tip, this time from the forthcoming book Finding Peace With Child Care for recognizing child development leaders in your community. Ask a kindergarten or first-grade teacher in your school system, "Of your students who went to day care and were well prepared for the kindergarten experience, which center(s) did they attend?

These educators have probably observed over time from after-the-fact experience with their own students which programs fostered healthy socialization and helped build a solid foundation for learning, and which did not...

What has your experience been so far in your search?

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

high heels and a diaper bag...

If you're a working mom with an infant or young child, this brand new blog is for you !!!

I have met more parents than I could count who were looking for peace of mind. They came to me seeking child care services, but they needed much more than that. Child care can be found in any number of places, but finding these services and experiencing peace about what you've found--well, that is something else altogether.

For twenty-seven years, I worked to provide the kind of child day care services for other women's children that I could not find for my own. My center certainly never achieved perfection, but even in challenging times, the great majority of the children, parents and staff--people from all different backgrounds and walks of life--were really glad to be there every day. I consider this to be a kind of miracle.

Personal time spent with hundreds and hundreds of women at my child care center convinced me of something I already knew from my own experience: the mother seeking child care for the first time is in pain. Typically no one has warned her how hard it will be to leave her little child in the hands of people she really does not know . . .and her heart is unprepared.

I really understand what you and your young child need most from your child care experience. . .And I can help you find it!

That's why I'm publishing this blog, and why I wrote my forthcoming book Finding Peace with Child Care. My goal is to help you

  • Overcome the emotional challenges related to child care
  • Recognize what constitutes true quality in a child care environment
  • Understand how you can positively influence whatever center you choose for the good of your child and yourself

Please let me know what you think! If you'll share your thoughts by posting right here with me and other working moms, then I will:

  • try to answer as many of your questions about day care as I can
  • start posting excerpts from Finding Peace with Child Care
  • & announce the publication date for the book right here.

Thank you for reading my first post at findingpeacewithchildcare.!

Blessings and peace,